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Let Advanced Chinese Medicine take care of you. No matter what your age or activity level, you will likely experience some type of pain during your daily chores. Whether you suffer from headaches, joint pain or lower back pain -- or pain from injuries like a sprain or muscle strain -- there is an Advanced Chinese Medicine designed to ease your discomforts. Contact us and let us transition 
you back to the wellness you deserve.


Dr. Lee can help you reach optimal health before trying to conceive. It’s advantageous for couples to address underlying health concerns, prior to conception.

Stroke Recovery

To improve function so that the stroke survivor can become as independent as possible.  Help preserving the basic movements that the stroke may have taken away, functions like eating, dressing and walking.

Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can cause many different injuries, to virtually any part of your body.  Depending

on the circumstances of the

crash and the severity of the impact, Dr. Lee can help relieve aches and improve movements.

Sports Injury & 

To help keep athletes in the

game for life, Dr. Lee helps prevent injuries and maintains body balance & movements

for everyday athletes.


Acupuncture  •  Low Level Laser (no needles)  •  Ear Pellets  •  Cupping  •  Moxa 

Electric Stimulation Machine  •  Tui Na (Chinese massage)  •  Herbal Remedies

Treatment for:​

Pain Management  •  Car Accident Injuries  •  Side Effects of Cancer Therapy  •  Sports Injuries (sprained ankles, tennis

elbow...)  •  Stroke Recovery  •  Infertility  •  ADHD  •  Insomnia  •  Headache, Migraine   •  Depression  •  Sciatica  •  Acid Reflux 

Stress Relief  •  Lower Back Pain  •  Shingles  •  Anti-Aging  •  Tourette Syndrome  •  Restless Leg Syndrome  •  Modulation

of Immunity  •  Facial Paralysis  •  Irregular Bowl Syndrome