Acupuncture  •  Low Level Laser (no needles)  •  Ear Pellets  •  Cupping  •  Moxa 

Electric Stimulation Machine  •  Tui Na (Chinese massage)  •  Herbal Remedies

​​​​Dr. Lee is passionate about improving health outcomes for his patients and strongly believes in integrating evidence based protocols from Chinese and western medicine to achieve great results.  He regularly works with health specialists and practitioners to provide supportive and comprehensive care for his patients.  Dr. Lee also encourages his patients to become actively involved in facilitating their own return to good health and prevention of future health issues with holistic health programs.

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Insurances Accepted:

HMAA  •  UHA  •  HMSA (ashn)  •  Kaiser Permanente
Aloha Care  •  Ohana Health Plan  •  TriWest
No-Fault Auto  •  Workman’s Compensation

​​​​​We Are A Participating Veterans Choice Program Provider

Dr. Lee can offer an alternative choice to our Veterans who are struggling with health issues. Acupuncture is a safe, gentle and effective therapy that stimulates your body’s natural abilities to heal without harmful side effects.

A referral is needed from a VA Medical Doctor to receive acupuncture therapy. If you’re a Veteran or you know a Veteran who is in need of an alternative therapy, contact the VA to discuss your health concerns and request a referral for acupuncture.